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Real Mary Kings Close


2 Warriston's Close, High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1PG

The Real Mary Kings Close daily "ghost" tours available where you will be lead into the underground areas of Edinburgh by a costumed guide.  The closes in Edinburgh have a history as being haunted and spooky and you will get to experiance this for yourself in the course of a one hour tour.

The Close has been featured on "Ghosthunting with Boyzone" in 2009 and it has gathered a reputation for being a very atmospheric tour with many intertwining tunnels and rooms.

Tel 0845 070 6244  
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Website www.realmarykingsclose.com  
November 1st - March 29th
Sunday - Thursday
10.00 - 17.00 (last tour)

Friday & Saturday
10.00 - 21.00 (last tour)
March 30th - October 31st
Monday - Sunday 10 - 21.00 (last tour)
August 3rd - August 28th
Monday - Sunday 09.30 - 23.00 (last tour)