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Fringe Festival

Date: 7rd - 31th August (2009)
The Fringe Festival or just the "Fringe" to the locals is the worlds largest arts festival. It is unique as many of the acts which perform here do so without prior planning. It is based upon open entertainment for all and many new acts come here looking to make a name for themselves.

The fringe has both free and paid shows available and you can buy tickets for the paid shows from the official website. It still attracts many new rising stars as 40% of the shows in 2007 were actually world premières!

The shows offer varying entertainment from drama productions, stand up comics and musical entertainers being but a few of the many shows to look out for.

The Fringe has been running since 1947 and it provides Edinburgh with a buzzing atmosphere during August. Just walking through the Royal Mile can often bring some random entertainment of sorts!


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